Patois (Patwa) - Jamaican phrases about food.

There are a number of phrases or sentences associated with asking about food on the island, whether you are buying at a shop, making an order at a restaurant or just talking to someone about the food. Here are a few popular sentences/phrases:

Wah wi a eet fi brekfass?
What are we having for breakfast? This is perhaps the most frequent question a mother/wife/spouse hears at home either before bed (securing for next day) or shortly after waking up.

Weh u waa’n nyam?
What do you want to eat?

Mi caa’n get sum wata please?
Can I have some water please?

“Sell mi wan bokkle a iyl / sell mi big jill a iyl”
“Sell me a bottle of oil / sell me a big jill of oil.” – Jill is a very old unit of measurement that equates to 5 fluid ounces… etc


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